Helena Industries

A Half Century of Trust

Of all the ingredients Helena Industries handles for our clients, one stands out as the most important: trust.

As we formulate and package supply chain solutions, Helena Industries adds a special ingredient to every product run—the confidence created by more than 50 years of chemical industry expertise, experience, and verifiable manufacturing process excellence.

We’ve become an integral part of our customers’ enterprises—the ultra-reliable source for toll manufacturing, toll blending, toll formulating, and toll formulations. Our four U.S. plants turn out profit-driving products in every size and shape, solid and liquid.

Helena Industries also offers unprecedented transparency and accountability in our processes. We deliver a steady stream of detailed reports to clients that verify we’re performing with the quality and integrity our customers deserve.

Explore our capabilities, turnkey services, locations, manufacturing excellence, industries served, and knowledge center. We’re uniquely positioned to handle contract blending, contract manufacturing, contract formulating, and contract formulations with extreme efficiency.

Trusted Resource