About Helena Industries

Manufacturing Excellence through Consistency and Accountability

Helena Industries LLC (HI) is a service company that specializes in creating and delivering value for our manufacturing customers. HI is currently one of the largest chemical toll manufacturers in the United States. With over sixty years of experience and proven integrity, we set the bar for the industry, safeguarding your technology, your brand, and your assets.

We believe manufacturing excellence is more than just making good products. That is why Helena Industries’ commitment to excellence extends beyond the production line to dependable, efficient delivery that meets your schedule demands. HI currently works with over 50 corporations to provide more than 1000 different products for commercial applications, wholesale distribution, and retail sales worldwide. These client's rely on our proven responsiveness, integrity, and dependability. HI’s Trusted Resource brand was built on the steady flow of effective communication that gives comfort ensuring production demands are met and client’s brands are protected.

Call us at 901-820-5700 to discuss how we can help you with chemical toll or contract manufacturing, formulation, packaging or supply chain and warehousing challenges.