Sustainability is the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. 

A few of the ways we contribute to sustainability are:

  1. Cardboard recycling
  2. Discarded pallet recycling
  3. Insulation of process lines, steam lines and process kettles
  4. Use of steam in the cleaning process which reduced waste water that must be transported and treated for disposal
  5. Use of high pressure water and spray balls in the cleaning process to reduce water that would have to be transported and treated for disposal
  6. Programmable thermostats are used in offices.
  7. Pallet racks reduce “dead miles” transportation to off site temporary storage
  8. Reuse of cardboard drums for internal use as opposed to discarding them
  9. Having bottles shipped in on flats as opposed to boxes or pallets
  10. Materials converted to bulk from drums or totes resulting in less disposal cost
  11. Use of returnable totes with vendors who would support this effort to save on disposal of waste

Helena Industries will also dispose of waste streams that cannot go to the local landfills. We work closely with our customers on disposal site certifications so that we comply with all regulatory waste and transportation requirements. We operate a waste water evaporator system at our Des Moines, Iowa plant that has reduced the volume of waste water for disposal up to 95%. The benefit to customers: reduced overall product costs. 

HI participates in the Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) and similar initiatives within our industry.